Free Debt Consolidation

You want free debt consolidation? You'll get it. Honest.

Free Debt Consolidation - What?

You've seen the credit card debt consolidation ads on TV late at night. Companies claiming to be non-profit firms, wanting to offer you free debt consolidation! Now, I want you to ask yourself a simple question.

"What do these companies saying they offer free debt consolidation get out of it?"

That's right - nothing. And nobody is in business to get nothing out of a transaction. What these companies actually do is claim they're giving you free debt consolidation when what's actually free is your initial consultation. But - we ask, what's wrong with this? Nothing. If you know what it's all about in advance. You can use it to sort of gain some degree of deeper understanding of the American debt consolidation industry - can you not?

Free Debt Consolidation - It's Not So Free!

Never fear, we're here to help you find the best ways to be debt free while avoiding the trap that companies claiming to offer free debt consolidation lay out for you. You'll find that the free debt consolidation companies oftentimes don't display the seals from services like TrustE or the Better Business Bureau online. You also have to remember - the so-called free debt consolidationcompanies run their TV ads late at night. What else do you see late at night? That's right - dodgy real estate schemes, diet pills that have tapeworms in them, and other "free debt consolidation" companies that want you to declare bankruptcy. Talk about being judged by the company you keep...the debt consolidation company!

Free Debt Consolidation - Trust The Internet!

Most of the debt consolidation companies you find on the Internet offer online forms you can complete to help their representatives assess your financial situation. The forms really are free, and they're secure. There's no obligation if you complete one, either. If you do complete one though, a representative from that company will contact you within 24 hours with recommendations for you. Your best bet cost-wise is to start with a non-profit debt management agency. They are the cheapest form of debt help - might not shunt you into the debt consolidation solution you've heard so much about, but that can be good. If you fill out several forms (from for-profit and non-profit companies alike) you will get several recommendations, and you will have the information you need to compare, contrast and make an informed decision about your finances.

Now that we've exposed the lies behind free debt consolidation, we will link you to the appropriate debt consolidation firm for your needs. Nobody else is out there fighting for you against these so-called free debt consolidation companies, but we are.

Don't fall for it. Don't fall for free debt consolidation. You can get the right information through sources such as non-profit credit counseling agencies who do not have ulterior motives and who will give you a good head start. Find out all you can from the debt consolidation services that you decide to go with.

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